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This product SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED with the more well-known “Rock Salt”.  Rock Salt is the kind commonly used by our councils on the roads in winter.
Rock Salt is messy and leaves a nasty residue.

Our De-Icing Salt has exactly the same effect - but without the mess!  Once it has done its job, it disappears leaving your drive, pathway or patio totally clean.  It is supplied in 25kg bags.  Our salt takes the form of a pure white sharp crystal, nominally 2-3mm in size.

It originates from the Dead Sea in Israel.

Let us help you be prepared for winter!

De-Icing Salt for
Drives, Pathways and Patios

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Ordered before 1st December £8.25 each
Ordered after 1st December £9.25 each

Prices for
De-Icing Salt 25kg