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This is by far the most common form of salt used in modern water softeners.
It is supplied in durable 25kg polythene bags and also in handy "carry-type" 10kg bags.
The salt itself takes the form of small “pillow” shaped tablets measuring approximately 25mm square.
Our salt is sourced only in the UK and purity is guaranteed to be a minimum of 99.75%.

Most older water softeners which specify using “granulated” salt can take tabulated salt too - but it is always best to check with the manufacturer of your water softener.

We also supply Water Softener salt in Block form,  Dishwasher Salt and De-Icing salt for Drives, Pathways and Patios.

Tablet Salt for Water Softeners

1  Bag £6.25 each
2-9 Bags£5.50 each
10-19 Bags£5.50 each
20+ Bags£4.65 each
Prices include delivery and VAT.
The price you see is the price you pay.
Prices for
Tablet Salt 10kg
Prices for
Tablet Salt 25kg
1 Bag£11.85 each
2-4 Bags £9.95 each
5-9 Bags£8.65 each
10+ Bags£8.35 each